18 Accord Sport or 19 Camry SE

Hello im looking to lease one of the above car at 270ish for 12k/36mo with 1st month due at inception is that a possible # and can someone help me find the car thanks

Forgot to add i live in NYC Queens

Have you considered sending emails to dealers for quotes or making phone calls?

If you feel uncertain you can always look for one of the brokers on this site.

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I have tried dealers but all of them want me to come in … past experience shows that its not a good idea

That is indeed not a good idea. Check out a broker for help if you can.

Ok will do

They are both great cars.
I think you will find a better deal on the Camry.
Honda doesn’t really lease well.

Any good broker suggestions

Thanks will try im honestly open to both just comes down to price

I haven’t personally used any services on here, but the broker reviews sub forum on the site will have reviews for Brokers that advertise on here. I’d start there!