$170mo Jetta zero down

looking for a cheap manual beater. Is this legit?

I’m getting out of a Q50 lease but the dealer wants $299mo with $2k das and my current lease is $269 so I refuse to budge.

The Jetta looks like a good choice for me to save a few bucks and stick will be more fun.


Click on the “View Disclaimer” and post those terms. I’ll bet there’s additional costs or incentives buried in there, some of which you probably don’t qualify for.

These ads are never what they seem, they do it to get you in the door.

What bs incentives are there? Do I have to be a teacher or fire fighter or have $5000 loyalty bonus?

Who knows what incentives, and many times they bundle incentives that can’t be combined. These two sentences says it all, once you go to dealership to discuss, you’ll find out you can’t qualify for all incentives to get the $170/mo payment.


Good Luck, but you’re going about this wrong. Read thru the 101 sections, and once you understand start reaching out to dealers w/ emails to get their offers in writing, then bring those back here for input.

They won’t give me anything in writing. Been going back and forth and as soon as I mention the $170 deal they end communications immediately

What incentives requirements does vw usually have?

Nobody is here to do the work for you. Please take the time, do the research and read the Leasing 101 section and other sticky topics for newbies.

Once you understand the concepts, then you reach out to multiple dealer(s) and either ask them for a Lease sheet or at min to provide you with the following;

  • MSPR
  • Selling price before any incentives being applied
  • Money Factor (MF)
  • Residual Value (RV)
  • Term / Miles per yr

Then you research the MF, RV and any incentives avail for your zipcode at Edmunds and compare that info w/ what your deal includes. You might find the dealer is playing games and elevating the RV/MF numbers to their advantage.


Bait and switch. Typical.

I’m surprised with you coming off a q50 lease and Infiniti sales plummeting they aren’t budging on those numbers. If anything they should just give the car for an even $300 a month with nothing do at signing.

Guys, it’s almost 2020 don’t fall for newspaper ads. Even seniors don’t.

Yes the residuals went down on q50 so its $299 with $3k das. But my Infiniti loyalty bonus gets me $1k off fees.

Looks like i might have to go with infiniti again if vw wants $249 for some nasty cloth seats and hubcaps 145hp car with 4 tinny speakers if I’m not halving my car payments.

I don’t drive much. Maybe 4k miles a year, so i figured for $170 the jetta would do. Wouldn’t pay over $200 for one though…over $229 is a bad joke.

I say $249 because that’s what the competition charges which is hilariously bad for a pretty awful car in a base trim with Fischer price interior but Gunther is the national volume dealer so they should be more reputable than making fake ads.

Looks like it’s a legit deal. Here is another dealer very close price. No mention of incentives, just fees and zero down.

Well you have your answers, good luck w/ your new $180/mo Jetta. Report back with the final details of your deal, for us to evaluate.

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They will never do it, but the Florida legislature really needs to crack down on the blatant false advertising in the state and cap the doc/dealer and electronic registration fees at $199 or less

The Schumacher ad is typical of the laughable crap you see advertised down here


Yeah. Fees are $2700 for a $16k car. I might just buy something to get out of leasing. Huge waste of money.

$999 dealer, $295 e-filing, taxes on fees, bank fee $675…

With first payment and tag das it’s $235 plus tax.

$10k in payments in 3 years on a $17k car. Buying one will probably last 6 years with warranty and still be worth $5 or 6k used.

Cost of ownership would probably be half vs a lease.

If you can wait until Nov or Dec VW typically has some huge incentives. Last year my wife leased a 2019 Jetta S with a $22,000 MSRP ($17000 selling price w/ rebates) for about $220/mo with Chicago’s excess tax (first month’s and fees due at signing). Without Chicago’s taxes, it was about $180/mo. Obviously rebates and programs change but the end of the year is a good time to buy.

Capping doc fees only accomplishes so much. OTD costs are often higher in NY than in NJ despite the capped doc fee

Is there any reason you’re tied to a Jetta?

Also, rule of thumb, just ignore any printed ads for lease deals that you see. They’re 99% inaccurate and misleading. Which out to the dealer via email and see what numbers they actually give you. Won’t be anywhere close to the ad because that’s just their way of getting you into the dealership.

Looking for any turbo manual car if you can find one cheaper. This is the cheapest one I believe. The ad is definitely legit but the fees are ridiculous for an economy car.