17' Pacifica Touring - L

This is a PURCHASE deal I worked for someone who, decided they weren’t in a position to go out and purchase it.

Things happen but my guy worked hard for the sale and it’s a screamer on price so I figured I would post it here. I’m not sure if the forum allows purchase prices but here is the breakdown.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2017 Chrysler Pacifica Touring L ]

MSRP: [$36,785]
Selling Price: [$32,700 (before fees(just basic doc fee and reg))]
Rebates: [$1500 - Base Rebates. Can push an additional rebate if financed through CC]
Trade-in: [$0]

Zip Code: [48150]
Sales Tax Rate: [6%]

Price can go one of two ways -

$31,700+ if you finance through Chrysler Capital

$32,700 if you want 0% rates @ 60 months.

Window sticker here

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Ohio they are selling for 30,700 including all with out 0% apr

On what MSRP?

Do you have an ad?

Edit: the rebates have also changed…

MSRP 36500. Now they changed the ad but I find from Cars.com

The max they can stack on the CPOV program is $2,500 plus the 0%.

Something doesn’t sound right

Edit: Can you link?

Last week 8500$ off now 7900$


Cars.com best site to find deals near to you

Lease 342$ for 36 months 10k miles for year Zero down(but 1st month payment)

different dealer site ad http://www.williamsbrothersmilandcjr.com/monthly-ad.htm

That ad is on employee pricing - 99% of folks here don’t qualify for that.

However, that other one is a very hot deal.

Figured that one out I think - they’ve got the new programs rolled into that one.

If you subtract from my initial CC number ($31,700) and minus the new $2,500 you would get $29,200.

So we’d have been a bit below that $30,700 number.

Regardless that is a very aggressive price.

They’re rolling two CPOV coupons on it.

Edit; The initial selling price on my Pacifica was $33,900 before rebates and tax. Roll those programs $1500 base, $2500 retail cash, $500 CPOV and $500 CC finance cash.

Pacifica also is VGP set @ $1500 so that’s how they’re doing it.

Invoice minus holdback, minus VGP cash, minus rebates, add CPOV discount and it’s that figure.

That’s a very netted out Pacifica.


There is no difference between the Cleveland and Detroit market. The GLBC (great lakes business center) keeps everything the same.

They’re flat out lying. They advertise everything on friends/supplier pricing and subtract all the money from that to make that price happen.

They also are conditionally putting a CPOV discount on it to make it look better. I’d imagine when you get there they will tell you won’t qualify.

so with tax and every thing 29,200?for L? omg. Please let me know how to get this and where?

$29,200 plus tax and fees.

I’d have to check with them to see if they want to see it for that.

I am paying 30,700 including tx, title, doc fee for L

Post the contract?

Just wanted to post this since they’re well, spewing hot garbage,

Oh? Really?

Michigan Incentives

Ohio Incentives

Notice anything different? Hot Garbage with a side of dishonesty.

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You also told them you’re either FFP or EP and just haven’t mentioned that here.

EP on that unit is 33997 - 3000 = 30997… add a few bucks from holdback($1,071) and you’re right @ 30,700.

Assuming they’re actually selling the vehicle for $30,700 OTD - they just gave up some of the EP monies on it to make that happen.

Pacifica pays $1500 this month on VGP so it’s not like they’re losing money.

Oh and my deal wasn’t EP or FFP. It’s general public pricing.

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