'17 Nissan Rogue SL Platinum package PHL area

Hey guys… Looking at a 17 Rogue SL platinum package fully loaded. Received this offer. Thoughts on where I should look to go from here.

Why a 17 not a 16?
Just curious about that

I like the platinum reserve leather cover as well as the larger moonroof. Some of the other tech within is a bit more expansive

What county are you registering the car in?

Philadelphia, although that will change toward the middle of next year.

Would also look at the FWD version to cut down the cost some more on monthly payment

Ended up closing on a fully loaded SL AWD caspian blue with platinum reserve leather for 359/mo after tax. Very happy with the car. Msrp was ~ $36,200 or something like that

Looking for a decent nissan dealership. Perhaps you can share those details.
Looking at maxima though,.
I’m in nj but ive been to Philly a few times.
Tough break on the Flyers game tonight (very off topic, I’m sure I’ll get slammed for that)

When i was looking for a car dealt with these guys at Carvoy.com. They seemed straight forward with me and no bs. I told them i was going to finalize a deal on jeep and they offered a Rogue SL fully loaded at 339 a month all in i think. Give them a try. They operate in tri state area. Not affiliated with them just trying to hell out.

Yeah. Think I could have been around 315-320 on a '16 as well

Help i meant sorry. Its a nice car but you could get a decent deal on a grand cherokee limited close to that money.

Grand Cherokee Limited for the low 300’s? I’d like to know how that could be done.

Search forum for my deal 2016 grand cherokee. I had a 44,620 msrp car but if you get a 42,495 msrp the payment should be lower. I said close to that money as in mid 350 or so. Just giving you my perspective.

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oh man, please let me know how to get a deal like that! I’m in southern california and would jump at a deal in the low 300’s on a jeep grand cherokee limited! I’ve never test driven the Rogue platinum, but I’d consider that in the low 300’s as well.

oh, just saw your response. 350 isn’t bad, but I’m surprised if I could get that deal in southern california.

Please search forum for my deal. In that deal the residual was 57% but Ally had a 60% residual based on another dealer. So if you find a dealer that can finance via Ally or US bank should be best. Again, it depends if you have conquest or loyalty rebate, plus IDL bonus cash it is possible for a 42,495 limited jeep grand cherokee. Again, dealer would have to give about 4000 off MSRP probably. But look at my deal and work your way back please. First search for any 2016 grand cherokees left on the lot and go in and negotiate for the car they have on the lot.

Thanks! I’ll check it out!

Hi every one i got an offer on 17 rogue SL plat pag, 2500 down include first mont and fees 12k millages 36 m and 330 month , is thes a good deal or not really? By the way i am at long island ny thank u for u time

I just had a deal put together on a SL Rogue Plat Package with premium leather, chrome kick plates, roof rack fully loaded. for 0 down $299 a month 36/12k.

This is more in line with where you should be.

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Thank u so much for u help