'17 Lexus GX 460 Luxury MF, RV, Drive off SO CAL

Can you please let me know the MF and Residual Value for the '17 Lexus GX 460 Luxury model? The Luxury MSRP $65,360 is the only model that offers the Auto 3rd row controls instead of manual. 36mos/12k miles, live in Orange County, CA.
What is the absolute MINIMUM drive off I can negotiate- Doc Fee, Acq Fee, License & Registration Calif? (don’t like to put money down on leases)
What are the current lease cash incentives?
Thank you!

Checking Edmunds for RV/MF and Autobytel for incentives. You can do $0 sign and drive.

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If you can wait a little bit longer, they usually give out $1,000 vouchers from Lexus that can be used towards your lease. Dec 1 - 10 this year.

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Yes actually I can wait until Dec. The 3yr lease on my Chevy Tahoe is up Dec1st. I can just turn it into Chevy or see if a Lexus dealer wants it.
Jayjay, do you have any opinion on the '17 Ford Explorer (Sport Model). I’d happy in the the Lexus GX460 & the Ford Explorer Sport, just looking for the best lease.

Check if you can get a week or 2 extension on the Tahoe. The Lexus December to Remeber Sale is usually pretty good. You’ll get a much more quality built vehicle with a Lexus over the Ford. Last I checked Explorers didn’t lease well. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Explorer is more expensive to lease then the GX. Email everybody, don’t waste your time driving all over to do a deal.

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@Jayjay where do u get those $1000 certs?

In the past, I’ve seen the $1,000 certs at the LA Auto Show. You can typically test drive a Lexus outside the show, and they email you the certificate afterwards.

Sorry, I meant to say at the LA Auto Show.

Edmunds doesn’t seem to have the RV?MF for the Ford yet.
The Lexus Luxury #'s for 36/12
.00020 MF and 58% residual.
$1500 lease cash.

I see on Autobytel Lexus Incentives $1,500 Lease Cash , then I see below $4,000 Rebate ‘Lexus’ Cash. Do you know if that $4k is for purchases only?

*Yes I agree. I never drive around to dealerships. I find the car myself in their inventory, email the Vin# and negotiate all by email. I walk into a dealer only to PU the car, & sign papers. My last lease for our Chevy Tahoe, the Dealer drove the car to my house, signed papers in my kitchen, programed my garage remote, reviewed the entire car & was gone in 40 minutes👍

I think they upped lease cash to $2,000 on GX for October, but I am in the Southeast so it likely varies by region.


Nice find @unc1334 - should make for GX deals in the low 400s…


Not sure if MF changed though. I want to say it might have, but cannot confirm.

Did you end up leasing ? I’m the market for one now