17 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Year: 2017
Make, Model, and Trim: Jeep GC Laredo Altitude, Limited (4x2)
Months/Annual Mileage: 36/10-12K
Zip Code: 33178

Thank you


Chrysler Capital
36/12k @ 55% 36/10k @ 56%
MF: 0.00027

Tropical FCU: 36/12k @ 56%, 36/10k @ 57%
MF: 0.00092

Both lenders qualify for a $1500 incentive. CCap will be a bit lower this month since they are buying down the MF so low and the IDL is not juicy on this specific trim level. Other GC trims have large IDL cash on the non-Chrysler Cap lease deals so the payments are much lower for non-captive lessors.

RVguy, first all I appreciate you replying to my post. Since I’m kinda new here I don’t exactly know what you mean by the term “IDL”, hoping if you could shed some light on that.

So to kinda give you a bit of backstory I’m currently in the tail end of an Audi lease (due at EOY) and I’m looking to upgrade into a midsize SUV due to work and expanding family. My current picks are the Jeep GC (it’s choice) followed by a Durango or Toyota Highlander. It’s not to say I would consider other choice if the price point is great for me (max $300) month.

Ok so now back the the Jeep. The reason I’m asking about the RV and MF for them is because there are currently multiple dealers offering deals. Specifically a $0 down, $0 security deposit @$249/month, 36 month term, 10K. Total payments of $8,964 and residual of $17,578.
I’m guessing this applies to the basic Laredo model. Anyways going back to your comment you mentioned that specifically the altitude and limited models don’t usually have high incentives, in this case would you recommend going up to the summit tier, although those models average around 42K asking or would I still be able to get a good deal on the Alt/limited, which has all the features I’m looking for.

Also open to any other midsize SUV leasing options and or riding the lease out until it’s due. Although it’s not the preferred option.

Appreciate your help and input!

Highlander LE Plus V6 should be achievable.

How much down? And 300 without or without taxes?

How about MF and residual for a Limited or Trailhawk V8 (4x4) for 36/12 zip 33569? I thought I saw a 4,000 IDL incentive on the limited. With a good MF and Residual from an outside leasing company that would work out pretty well.

Also, I believe there is also at least 750 bonus cash for leasing too.

Got this offer after going back and forth with multiple dealers, Chrysler Capital

Jeep GC LTD 4x4 12k/36months
MSRP - $44,075
MF .00006 / RV 54%
NYS Sales Tax 8.875% included in lease
$0 down / 1st payment and DMV due at sign

Seems like this yields negotiated price to be $39,400. I’ve seen others with better lease deals, but comparing apples to apples no other dealer was withing 20/month after my back and forth.

IDL I believe is an acronym for "Independent Dealer Lease " and is a lease incentive paid to the dealer for non-manufacturer lease deals (i.e… not Chrysler Capital finance in your case). Ideally all of that money could be applied into your lease deal to lower payments or to apply to Cap Cost reduction.