17 Acadia and Traverse numbers - Florida

Can anyone provide the numbers please? 36/10k or 39/10k
17 Acadia sle1 and 2 and slt1

Costco membership too

Bumping this in case the hackrs missed it :slight_smile:

You may get a quicker response about the numbers by asking on the edmunds forums: http://forums.edmunds.com/discussion/41717/gmc/acadia/2017-gmc-acadia-lease-questions/p6

2017 Acadia SLE-1 and SLE-2 FWD in Florida

36/10K: 65% residual, .00070 MF
39/10K: 62% residual, .00070 MF
Targeted: $1,000 Competitive Lessee or $500 Lease Loyalty (+ $500 Farm Bureau on either)

SLT models have 1% lower residual.

Hi @michael,

Can I get updated numbers for February?