16 VW Passat R-Line

Could anyone look at this and tell me if its a good deal or if there is room for improvement?



I’m not sure if the R-Line residuals are different from the Passat S covered in the recent “Midsize Sedan Leases Ranked” article here on Leasehackr, but something looks not quite right.

At about 16% off MSRP, the selling price looks good – for reference, the “excellent deal” Passat S from that recent article was less than 15% off MSRP. When I punch in the details listed into the lease calculator here (using 50% residual, 0 down, $1,250 incentive, and 8% tax rate), something is not quite right though. I’m getting $217 before taxes ($235 with taxes), $0 down, and $821 drive off. Your payment here looks about $12 per month extra, despite $1,167.26 of customer cash (is that intended as a down-payment?) – total of about $1,600 at play with those discrepancies.

Thanks for the reply, I believe the residual is 49% and tax rate is 9% for Southern California. I would like to just pay the first month and reg fees upfront so the payment would be a little more. My goal was to be at or under the $200/month mark, but I’m not sure if I’m asking for too much?

Deal looks great. The selling price is lower than what I’m seeing from dealers on TrueCar.

The low residual (49%) is a bummer, but it’s offset by the large discount off MSRP and near-zero interest. Plus, with such a low residual, it’s not a bad idea to consider purchasing it at lease-end, if you still like the car after three years.

Thanks for the insight!

Any chance you can share that title only showing the numbers? I have
dealer who say they will match the 16% off but have to see it.

So the dealership just told me

0 down
275 ( with tax - SoCal LA) x 35 payments
12k year

How does that sound?