$129/mo + tax $860 DAS 2018 BMW X1 xDrive28i Loaner

Now, this is how it is done!!! Good job OP. I am jealous!!!

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Haha this is madness!!! I spend this on gas every few days :rofl::joy:.

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lol do you literally just call up the dealer and ask for 20% off a car you saw in there inventory?

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You have to approach it the right way and have an understanding of what makes a reasonable offer and what doesn’t.

X1 Recalled.


Second what @Electric said above. There were tons of research (a.k.a lurking on this site) involved and of course, I was very luck.

But yes, I did ask the salesperson straight up for 21% off and he called back and agreed as they had less than 3hrs left to lease this car out vs sale it as a used car. When I picked it up, the car was parked right in front of their glassdoor entrance with a big red Manager Special tag on it just to give you a sense how desperate they were to get rid of the last 2018 X1 they had.


are loaner 2019 X1s available to be leased? Or does the stop sell still apply to it?

Im curious, why was it the last day to lease this X1? Wouldn’t the ability for them to lease this X1 expire at the end of the month or so?

2018 lease support ended on (almost) all BMWs, including the X1, in April.

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Horrible BMW design. Sad it took them 3 years to figure out this problem.

Wow - let me know when I can get this deal. Under $200 for a BMW with zero CCR down. I’ll take this styling any day over whatever else you can find at this price point (or even double).

Awesome deal. Congrats ! Enjoy the ride !

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I did the same but with an X2 (sub-$200 all in)

Superb deal.
I think lurking at dealerships also helps apart from LH