$129/mo + tax $860 DAS 2018 BMW X1 xDrive28i Loaner


Signed the lease last night. It’s a loaner with <3k miles on it. It’s the only lease-able X1 they have left. I test drove the car the week before, called in 4pm, told the salesperson I want 21% off MSRP ($30,648). He called back 15mins later with $30,650 as selling price ($2 more :rofl::rofl::rofl:). Of course I agreed and signed the lease. Couldn’t be more happy with it.

To make the deal even better, the 1st year registration has already been paid for on this loaner so I only needed to pay $23 to transfer it.

2018 BMW X1 xDrive28i Loaner w Parking Assistant + 19’ wheel (Sparkling Brown)

**MSRP: $38795
**Selling Price: $30650 (21% off)
**Monthly Payment: $129 ($141 incl. tax)
**Cash Due at Signing: $857
**MSD: $1050
**Incentives: $3250 Lease credit + $1k Loyalty + 1k College Graduate + $500 OL code (they somehow included the $500 OL code as a dealer discount instead of a taxable BMW incentive)

**Months: 24
**Annual Mileage: 10k
**MF: 0.00192 after 7 MSD (traded 0.0005 bump in MF for waiving acquisition fee)
**Residual: 63.44%

**Region: SoCal
**Leasehackr Score: 22.6 years

The monthly payment is 0.33% of MSRP (even lower if you account for the 1st year registration dealer already paid). Hugh thanks to @LeaseHero and @vhooloo for sharing tips so I knew exactly how to structure this deal, and equally huge thanks to @michael @littleviolette for founding this forum.

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Screamer of a deal


Sweet deal! Did you consider a one pay? In my case it would have brought payment down to $115 but no tax credits were available to make that happen! (TX)


Great Deal!!!


Thought about it, but it would only save me ~$149 over two years for paying $3300 more up front. That’s ~2% annual return, so I would rather put the money into stock market.


Awesome deal! Congrats! Can you please pm me the dealer and/or salesman? Everyone I was in contact with in socal wasn’t coming close to the deals I’ve seen on this forum. It will be good to know when these deals come back around again. Thank you!


Can I have dealer info? I can pick it up today


As I said in the OP, I picked up their last one and the BMW April program has already expired, so I don’t think this is replicable for now, unfortunately.

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This is awesome. Great job on this.


Holy shit $141 a month with tax, that is a steal for sure.
Enjoy your new ride!

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It’s cheaper if you max out MSDs vs 1 pay.

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Yes it is unless you get tax credits in a tax up front state.


Not bad for some old fart car…Ha!


After driving it for 2 days, I made a sudden discovery that it’s actually an xDrive, not an sDrive :rofl::rofl::rofl: Not that I care much about the difference cause I live in the city, but I’m happy to find out it’s a better deal than I thought.


Ski trip! :ski:

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Did you pick this up at Center BMW? lol

The reason i ask is because i recognize the background


Now that is a LH worthy deal!


Not Center BMW but pretty close :grinning:

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Holy cow! That is amazing! I have butterflies in my belly!

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