$10k budget per year. What car to lease/buy?

If he wants a sedan, wouldn’t the Model 3 be a better choice than Y?

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How about a Genesis G80?

It even comes in a convertible!


Does the car need to be very sporty? An MB E450 sedan may fit in your budget, and I imagine it’d be pretty enjoyable to drive (although obviously not overtly sporty)…

Get a 911 or 718. If you have a kid, you can sell it without taking much of a loss from depreciation. It is easier to justify a sports car to your financee before you have a kid than after.

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I’m pretty sure the whole function of the internet is strangers telling you what to do.





That is a HUGE budget, IMHO. You could get a lightly used ScatPack, do no maintenance, and just light it on fire after 4 years. $40k spent. You are welcome.

Oh, you are a badge snob? Ok, here you go. Same plan. Just light it on fire. No worries. TRED

Get a nice Kia Forte GT Lime. Those things look fast.

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Oh, I just had another idea. Buy a $10k car and donate it at the end of each year for the tax writeoff. No maintenance and a nice cash back bonus. Score!


Sounds like you want a Porsche, so get a Porsche. All the other options will not make you feel as happy and u ll regret not getting a Porsche eventually. This is not an endorsement for Porsche but based on the fact that you are infatuated with Porsche.


No man I’ve ever known who has not even proposed let alone get married was ready to intentionally have a baby within 3 years. But maybe you’re the exception.

More to the point, none of your desired cars is actually future proof. Not the Taycan not the Panamera etc… doesn’t matter if they have 4 doors or not. Go fit a RF convertible baby seat in there and tell me it’s future-proof.

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You don’t think the back seat of the Panamera can fit a baby seat? I’d be really surprised. I mean, the distance from back of the rear seat to the back of the front seat is huge. Certainly more than the '07 Accord I had when we had our first kid.

So baby = no sedan?

It’s psychology as much as pure dimensions. Unless they both grew up abroad where something like a Golf is a thoroughly acceptable 2-child family car, one or the other is going to put their foot down before or after the baby arrives.

The other part is your own brain or your SO’s voice telling you to slow down. Then the realization dawns that why am I spending all this money to drive a Porsche like a grandparent?

Either the single car will be supplemented with another car or it will be replaced by a more pragmatic car, might as well get a fun car now even if it’s a coupe or get a Porsche knowing it won’t be future-proof.

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I’m actually pro-sedan but given up on anyone (especially anyone with children) wanting to hear it. BTDT in real life

I’m all for more choices in the market and it’s sad to see sedans, wagons and hatchbacks dying here. It’s not accidental. OEMs market what’s profitable and CUVs/SUVs are more profitable. The press wittingly or unwittingly often parrot the same talking points that make most people automatically assume they are safer.

Hmm that’s some new perspective that I’ve never considered. So you’re telling me instead of a Panamera, I should consider a 911? Sounds good to me! Seriously though, very interesting perspective so thank you!

How about a Jag?

Yeah if you can afford it why not… unless you’re very wealthy + living outside a city with multiple garage spaces, this might be your last opportunity to do so before ALL your future babies’ college educations are paid for.


I was in a similar situation to you, OP, but with a much smaller budget. I was very close to going with a CPO’d base Macan… just a wonderful car in every way. You could go that route but supersize to a GTS or Turbo… get a 2018 or 2019 and the awesome CPO warranty will take you through three years easily.

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