101 article on lease vs buy June 24

Just a thought. The 4 Mercedes leases vs one 2013 purchase left out the costs of maintenance, including tires. If you lease every two years, there’s very little out of pocket stuff. But if you buy and hold for four years, that’s a lot of extra spend. So there’s actually a savings in leasing in your example.

Great point! In the video, we did mention reduced maintenance and repair costs with having a newer vehicle, and you’re absolutely right – nothing was spent on tires, brakes, or other wear/tear items.

Obviously market conditions are very different today, but we wanted to debunk the myth that leasing is the more expensive way of operating a vehicle. There are many factors, and if you play all your cards right, it could actually be the cheaper option – particularly for luxury brands.

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In case folks don’t know the video being referenced:

Not having to maintain the car is the biggest driver behind leasing for me. I would actually be willing to pay a premium for the no-hassle experience of driving over buying. Not to mention that leasing can be cheaper even before accounting of the maintenance cost of car ownership.