1 Year Lease Need Suggestion/Opinion

Looking to lease for 1 year. 10k miles any suggestions please.

Recommend finding a reasonable lease transfer. Sometimes you’ll see a few offered on this forum

What type of car?

Nissan has amazing 18 months lease programs.

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yep, i concur.

Care by Volvo available in your area?


Leasing a new car for 18 months means you pay for all the TTL for 2 years (This can be up to $3000). Transferring a lease that has less than 24 months means you pay tax on XX months of payment.

Swap a lease has a ton of BMWs, Mercs, Chevys, Toyotas and a some Teslas for you to choose from. Just like any car site, do your due diligence and don’t get ripped off.

All depends on OP’s location. 18 month won’t make much financial sense in MD, Texas, VA. But it can work in places such as FL, NC, SC, etc

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Well I still won’t recommend a 18m 4x4 Frontier or Murano over a 18m SAL BMW (If the price is right)

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Would have recommended this in the year 0 BCE (Before Chip-shortage Era), but I’m doubtful they exist any more.

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Lol indeed. Pretty much every lease will be ugly compared to BCE. But you can find one that’s reasonably, less ugly than others if that make sense. Confuse-cius times

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Decent Car. Payments 500 or less and no msds etc. Cash is problem.

Doesn’t exist.

You’re better off finding a smart buy in the sub-$10,000 price range and financing it through a bank or CU.

Check out the thread “What should I buy for $10K?”

If cash is a problem, then maybe you should not be looking at leasing or financing a car during one of the worst times in leasing history.

Do you have a steady stream of income?

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