1% Rule for corvette lease question

Question re 1% rule. I am looking at leasing a corvette for 36 months , 10k miles a year. The only money out of pocket is for the first month payment. Without getting into the residuals, MF etc I have calculated that the deal would be .0012 (MSRP of $63,965.00 divided by payment of $779.00 which does include florida tax). It sounds pretty close to the informal 1% rule but I wanted to get others opinions.

Depends if you’re custom building or off the lot, and how far you’re willing to look but we’ve seen deals in the past few weeks for base models coming in at high $500’s. Search here and sort by most recent, and check the Corvette forums for deals.

thanks, does it matter that it is a 2LT and not base model?

Don’t post the same question in multiple places

its more about finding the high-volume Chevy dealers looking to move stock. When I looked into them a few months ago for a friend there were certain Chevy dealers who always had great pricing on Corvettes in winter, they tended to be in Ohio, Michigan, etc but they advertise deals on the Corvette forums at this time of year.

I would get a quote from MacMulkin Chevy in New Hampshire. They have the best prices I have found on the east coast.