1% possible on C43 with MSDs?

MSRP around $60k. I’d like to be in the <$650 range (inclusive of 8.6% tax). I’ve seen discounts off MSRP of 10-12% and since MB offers MSDs, I’m wondering if I could be in the game for a new 2018?

Plug in all the relavent info with 10-12% off MSRP into the lease calculator to see what the potential payment would be?

Yes, the output is $600+tax with 10 MSDs. I guess I should have asked if anyone has gotten or seen such a deal lately?

It’s possible, I was at 8% off before I applied fleet on a $59k C43 sedan for $640 a month on 36/10 with no serious negotiation. You will struggle to get 12% without fleet or the car having demo miles. You also have to contend with dealer mark ups for units like these, you will likely not just get base MF and acquisition plus a 12% discount.

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Getting close (I think). Any more fat to cut before hitting bone?

MSRP - $58.8k
Sale Price - $51.7k (12% off)
36/12 lease
MF - 0.00161 (from one dealer; another is telling me 0.00121)
RV - 58%

$2,200 drive off:
$1,413 fees (DMV + doc?)
$68 CCR
$718 1st mo

Based on the calculator, if I get them to match the 0.00121 MF and then put up 10 MSDs, I would be around $570 pre-tax.

Seem right? I’ve now heard 3 different MFs (0.00103 being the last).

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If you can wait, you might want to push this until the end of the year with the LCI just announced and deliveries anticipated in late Q4 early Q1’19.

FWIW, I test drove the 43, the 63, and the 63S and the 63 is, IMO, the way to go. I preferred the BMW 340 to the C43 and the C63/S over the M3/M4. The engine note in the 63 is beautiful.

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The MF for the sedan is .00103 according to Edmunds so both dealers are marking up your rate. If you have 2 dealers offering the same discount then you leverage one vs the other to either 1. Give you base MF or 2. Accept the .00121 marked up MF for more discount

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Nice deal. I did mine last month, and hit $597 for 12k a year on a $59k car. Whoever said wait is correct…they are going to be sitting on lots of old ones soon.

Is your discount including fleet? I was able to get to 12% +$500 but there was a big doc fee $699 and inflated acq. fee $1095.

Definitely was possible. I don’t know about current programs, but I was quoted (for a sedan) about $550/mo with $1800 due at signing + MSD’s including taxes and fees. MSRP was around $60-61k. This was also for a brand new vehicles, not a loaner.