$0 DAS on a 36 month, does this mean I'll only have 35 payments to make?


On a true $0 DAS, does the dealer make the first payment to the finance company, therefore leaving only 35 more payments?


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Nope, its just 36 payments rolled into 35 payments.


Yea, since your first payment wouldn’t be due until the following month, the first months payment would be distributed across the 35 payments.

0 DAS means you pay more interest, reduce LH score.

LH score is irrelevant. U can increase your down payment and decrease your monthly to give you higher LH. Does that mean you should?

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It’s always best to sign first payment due at signing

Why is it best to do that? Please explain.

So many random replies here.
Ultimately yes 35 more payments are due.


Well the extent of that would be entirely dependent on the MF, wouldn’t it?

35 payments pay more interest than 36 payments if MF > 0.
@Mgilbile agree

I’ve had both, depends on the financing company. They will tell you in the box and it will be on your contract.

Right you pay rent on the total amount financed borrowed and in states where the lease payment is taxed it nudges that too. My MF converted to 0.74% so peanutbutter all that risk across 35 payments no matter what the payment difference was (breakfast at Starbucks?)

For whom?

I’m biased: 7 leases and the only one that wasn’t $0 DAS I factory ordered and rolled the $500 deposit into the deal. The only reason I would ever put anything down is a matching incentives (eg over summer Ford would match a down payment $ for $ up to 1000). Max MSDs and my signature: put it on the road. :wave:t2::oncoming_automobile::white_check_mark:


make an example

for 36 payments, lease cost is $8713
check zero-driveoff, lease cost be comes $8732
so I think 35 payments pay little more interest.

Ok @Jesse_Sun here is my actual deal:


$0 DAS + $5250 MSDs
$16,138 total cost
LH score 10.3 years

Paying upfronts

$1001 DAS + $5,250 in MSDs ($500 more but fully refundable)
$16,079 total cost ($59 less)
LH score ALSO 10.3 years

$0 DAS cost an additional $1.64/mo and an extra $500 in MSDs, but I put no other money down and if the cars gets wrecked / traded early, I didn’t pay that upfront/36 - I win. If I take a pull-ahead 3-6 months early - I win.

100% of the risk is on VolvoFS, I am only paying for the utility I use each month, and in exchange for a deposit my rent charge is 0.74%. I’m borrowing any extra money at less than 1%, getting a great return on my MSDs (~1.2% reduction), and I’m getting 3.2% return on CDs that could have gone to upfronts.