0% APR financing and lease on Subaru - is this a good deal?

Just received an email from them:

Thats right by me! Id jump on 0% for 60 on a Subaru. They typically dont lease well.

Is it 0% for 60? Usually it’s only for 36. Agree that it’s better to buy a Subaru than lease one.

Their lease offers actually look pretty decent right now. There is enough information to work backwards and I’m coming up with 61% and .00035 for 36/12k on the 2017 Legacy.

Yeah, it’s definitely better than before when they had terrible MFs. Subaru’s growing their sales and probably realized that they need to be competitive in leasing.
But still - after buying a Subaru and paying not much more than lease cost, you’ll pay less than leasing for your next one.