I am that guy in your group of friends whom everyone turns to before buying anything! So being presented with the question of “How do I get a good deal” has been a part of my life since my teens!

**I love the thrill of seeking and obtaining bargains! With cars being the second biggest financial decision one makes in life. It’s game on! **

With that said my partner whom is my younger brother and I are devoted to empowering consumers such as yourselves with the knowledge and bringing transparency, and responsivenss to Automotive Leasing within the Washington DC Area!

Worst Hack:
Audi A4 (my first lease, paid sticker)
Best Hacks:
BMW M3 for $450/month
BMW X3 for $90/month
BMW Z4 for $280/month
BMW 335i for $260/month
BMW Z4 for Free/Month
Porsche 911 for 730/month

Note: Truthfully said I actually presented on the topic of Hacking Leases for my Finance & Contract Management Master’s Class and If you must ask I received an A on the assignment!

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