Z06 markups sheesh

As with anything remotely desirable ( even if not limited) these days, prepare to pay well over msrp for the privilege…

1k finders fee to anyone who can get me one of the first ones with no blessings :rofl:


Dimmitt Chevrolet…down the street from me…this is the norm :woozy_face:

They were at like $30-40k+ on regular C8, so this is not surprising. People must be paying it as they are a successful dealership…


A number of us have refundable deposits in on one at MSRP and with no hard adds at a FL store. You just have to find the right dealer (aka one content with making a small fortune and not a large one).

As to when it might actually arrive…

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Personally…I have a sneaking suspicion I may not even take my spot in line when it comes up even at MSRP. Im not 100% confident this car will pan out as a no brainer at MSRP.


They told me three years - I don’t have patience for that :man_standing:

10K finders fee is the going rate for agnostic pricing.

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While heavily contested, Time is certainly worth something.

And…no one really knows what a realistic timeframe is. If GM decides to (and can) build 20,000 of these a year, it will be a different story compared to 2,000.

Z06 has always been a mass produced car
However that zr1 thoooo

Here are the reported C7 Z06 numbers. Whether these fall into the mass produced category or not may be subjective.

In 3 years you will be getting wasted (legally) and ride in an Uber.

Precisely, drive sober or get pulled over.

At first I was thinking are there really that many people willing to pay so far over MSRP for a Corvette!? but then I remember that there are (many!) people willing to spend thousands of dollars over MSRP for a RAV4 just because it can plug in to the wall so I guess it’s all relative.

Whilst demand is high and inventory low - dealers gotta make those boat payments somehow!

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Exactly, a Rav4 prime XSE with markup comes close in price range to a MSRP x5 45e. Makes no sense at all why people are paying for that markup.


Toyota > BMW in reliability. I guess the argument could be made for a superior reliability standpoint with less luxury.

The X5 45 qualifies for Sec 179 so I understand why its selling so well.


So does an iX and both have similar lead times depending on your dealer/broker. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can they get creative with their ADMs, like I just saw a ford f150 lightening with a 150K markup; genius

Z06 has 670 hp=670k markup would be a cool story to tell folks at the golf course.

If anyone has a referral for a dealer that’s willing to sell one at MSRP please dm me. My dealer fell through when they realized they won’t get more than 2 allocations.

Dibbs if you dont :sweat_smile::joy: