Year end wheelin' and dealin'

Hey guys,

My situation:

We have a '17 GLE w/ 7 more months remaining. We like the car, no issues. My wife did some damage to the wheels and rear bumper, so not sure how the lease end charges will go. I’m sure if I just turn it in and pay full msrp on a new one all will be forgiven, but that’s now how I play the game.

Current buy out is 41k.

Reason for doing something now:

Avoid lease end damage charges if I can trade in to a non MB dealer, get something new now, maybe save a few bucks/mo

Are you hearing of any brands being super aggressive at year end, or is that more on a dealer by dealer basis? And perhaps we won’t know more for another month or so as 2020 approaches.

In the past I’ve been able to sell out right, or trade in a lease vehicle if the deal makes sense and the dealer is really motivated to make a sale. Selling this GLE outright for 41k doesn’t sound like a possibility, but maybe a trade in is possible?

We’re interested in the new GLE, GLC, XC60/90, Q5/7.

The numbers would have to be amazing but I think I could talk the Mrs into a Rover of some kind also. There is a new local Rover dealer opening soon, maybe they want a bunch of sales before year end?

Any year end tips you can share?

Get a quote from carvana/shift/vroom/CarMax on the current vehicle so you can know where you’re actually at as far as equity

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I would also get a repair estimate on bumper and wheels to have an idea what the numbers are. If it’s curb rash and scratches may not be that bad. If it’s bothering you, you can decide whether to fix and use the remaining utility you paid for or eject, or wait until 3 months to inspect and see what they would bill you.

Can’t eject or understand what’s what without this. My GUESS is you’re upside down, unless you put more money down than you should have, then I’m back to “enjoy the utility you paid for”.

Sounds like this msg belongs in the wanted section.

Good idea on the shift/vroom quote. Based on listings I am pretty sure I am under water tho.

I found OE wheels on ebay for $279ea so I’ll likely go that route if I need to. No experience with MB lease turn in charges tho.

This car has the most cameras and sensors we have ever had, and it is the most damage wifey has ever done to a vehicle. Figure that one out …

You can get wheels repaired for way less than that.


Exactly. Unless the rim is bent just have a wheel company fix them.

Same with the body: I’d see what could be buffed out first if possible.

But you love her and it’s just a car: nbd. I’d get it touched up (if possible) and detailed for her, ride it out until disposition. Take her out to dinner when it’s done, she probably deserves it. :wink:

You are not alone. My wife somehow managed to damage the rear bumper (and portion of the back door) of her RDX which had backup camera with sensors by backing up into a mail post. I stopped worrying about her car so that I have one less thing to worry about :grinning:.

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Hmm I’ll have to investigate the wheel repair. Appears cosmetic only. My wife backed into something too :man_facepalming:
Thanks guys