Year-End - 2018 GLE Loaner - Is this a GOOD deal?

2018 GLE Premium Package 1 Loaner

MSRP = $60,900
Selling Price = $49,895
RV = 53%
MF = .00055 (No MSDs allowed :frowning:)
10K Miles/36 months
Doc Fee = 695.04
Advanced Payments = $699.04
Due on Delviery = $699.04

All fees included in the payment (NJ taxes included)

Run away from this deal is there a way to negotiate better numbers?

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

Why are MSD not allowed? Is it a NY dealer?

Dealer is in Virginia. However I had leased C300 with them last year and was able to put MSDs so will push for it. Any insights on the numbers they have provided?

Hi HV,
In November of 2017, my brother in law leased a new 2017 GLE350/4matic. MSRP was 68 and change . Nearly every option minus amg treatment .
36/12k. Payment is 686 and he put exactly 3k at signing. He was a first time customer and no fleet discount was used. I forget all the particulars such as selling price etc but PM me and I can put you in touch with the sales guy. You should be able to do better with a new body style on the way! Edit, no msd and tax rate is 8.625

MF seems marked up, so you should check with Edmunds. I did a 36/12K lease deal in Sept (see below) on a brand new GLE 350 RWD, and the MF was much lower. Yet, I still was able to use MSDs. In addition to getting base MF, I think you should push for a lower sales price since the 2020 model has been unveiled and may be available to order.

List: 66625 - P2, Pkg Assist, AMG, etc.
Gross Cap: 58501 (includes 3 year maintenance for residualization)
RV: 51%
MF: 0.00004 (Used 2 MSDs = $1700)
Monthly: $790 (includes 7.75% tax)
DAS: $3181.86 (1st month, DMV, and MSDs)

Edit-also no msd on that deal

There should be more room for a discount. I got a new 2018 GLE MSRP $58k for $50,200 with very little effort. On an loaner, you should be able to get much better discount.

You can’t compare a deal from 13 months ago today. Numbers could be vastly different. Anything prior to 12/1 of this year is a moot point.

The payment doesn’t line up with the information you provided. Should be closer to $630/mo. There is an additional ~$2500 dollars not being accounted for somewhere. Get what the gross capitalized cost is from them as well and confirm Residual is 53% on the loaner.