XC90 T6 Momentum Loaner - areas to improve

I’m trying to improve the following for an XC90 T6 Momentum that is a loaner with ~5,000 miles. I wouldn’t be surprised if this vehicle was available next month, but am worried the residual will continue dropping with the 2020’s coming out, so I’m not sure how to negotiate this down.

Any idea what a good deal on this would be? Any suggestions to get there? MSD’s aren’t a good option for me, unfortunately.

Term : 36 months, 12,000 miles/yr

MSRP : $59,610
Sale Price : $51,250 (14%)
MF : .00148
Residual : ~58% (down from 60% to cover the miles on the demo)
Incentives : $4,000 ($3,500 Volvo lease cash, $500 loyalty)
Acquisition Fee : $995 (capitalized)
Capitalized Cost : $48,245
Due at signing : $1,000 (first month, dealer fees)
MSD : 0

Score : 9.5 years
Monthly payment : $546 ($503 before 8.6% tax in Missouri)


14% before incentives is a very poor discount for a loaner. Target 17-20%.

I think this has been discussed a bunch of times, but 16% before incentives (edit: for loaners) for Volvo seems to be the norm. @Ursus could add to this.

Try for another $1,500, I guess. They may not give you much more after current 14%, but who knows.
BTW, I just read that June was a very strong month for XC90 sales, up from 2018.

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12% on a new xc90 is far from unheard of. At 14% on a loaner, with the residual hit, you’re at basically the exact same price.

You also may want to consider looking for a a T6 R-design. MSRP will be higher, but there’s an extra $2k in incentives and better MF.

Don’t forget the T5 r-design. I know some people want power, but it’s actually a better deal this month. The T5 R has $5,500 in MO. The T6 MOM had $3,500, and the T6 R also has $5,500. The T5 is $3,000 cheaper before incentives, so it’s something to consider.

Are you sure you need all of the miles? I think you can take a hit on the 5000 miles and keep the residual at 60%.

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