XC90 T6 Inscription Deal?

Hello All, I am new to leasing and am not sure if this is a good deal. I think there could be more room based on other posts but am not sure. I also cant tie out the numbers that the dealer gave me with the leashackr calculator.

Lease info below is for $0 drive off so all the fees below are added to the Total Cap Cost $62,814.10. (includes 1 moth plus fees)

Dealer $599
Gov $394
Acq $995

Price with Incentive and dealer discount $58,968 (not including fees)

2019 Volvo T6 Inscription
MSRP: $69,530
Monthly Payment: $858.10
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Annual Mileage:10,000
Region: Connecticut

Let me know if you need anymore details. Thanks!

Horrible deal! Read around the forum, tons of these XC90s mentioned here.

Agreed that this is a horrible deal, but confirm that the dealer isn’t rolling your excise tax into the payment. It also depends on where in CT you live. Some places have mills that are 7 times higher than other towns.

Whats horrible about it, the MF, residual, price?

Thanks, Mike

The MF should be 0.00144, for starters, based on what I’m seeing.

You also need the selling price and a breakdown of incentives and discount, to make sure they’re giving you a discount, rather than just the incentives.

Deal is broken out like this:
MSRP $69,530
Discount $5,562
Manufacuturer incentive $5000
Total $58,968

7.9% pre-incentive discount on an outgoing 2019 leaves a lot of room for improvement

Right, but I was curious about that if A-plan was being used! I had a reason for my questions. Haha.