XC90 T6 demo advise


Looking for your opinions and any advise or help
2019 XC90 T6 MOMENTUM DEMO with 6000 MILES
MSRP $61,440
SELLING $52,000
MF .00148
RES 60%
Taxes rolled into monthly payment
1st month and dmv DAS
Monthly payment $610

This is located on long island ny. I see posts claiming 10% off msrp for non demoes. The dealer said they only do about $5k off on new momentums so the $10k on this was the best he would do.

I’m looking at a similar demo with same miles in PA. This forum has advice to look for 16% off a demo … I’m still negotiating but hoping for around that number…

10k off before incentives sounds right on this loaner.

Talk to more dealers