XC90 T5 R-Design - Incentives and Discounts South Florida

Wanted to know for the incentives for South Florida, for a lease of a T5 R-Design.

These conditions apply:
I qualify for A-Plan
I want to take advantage of pull-ahead.


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6 or 9 months pull ahead depending on your current Volvo. No loyalty with pull ahead. You can get around $1,500 or better discount without a-plan. Incentives are on Volvo site, search to see how to get 2019.

Thanks. I am not able to locate the rebates for this market. I am just seeing $5,500 base rebates for the R-Design. But not sure the geographical limitations.

It’s $3,000 in FL

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Go to Volvo’s website, build the car you want. Hit estimate payments in the summary screen and type in your zip. Make sure the URL is for the correct year vehicle. It’ll tell you the regional incentives

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Thanks. I got one delivered yesterday. Bursting Blue.

Glad to hear that went well - thanks for the business!

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Interested to know what did you end up with?
I am in market

PM Benedetto. He’ll hook you up.