Xc90 - t5 fwd momentum

Hi all, can you please have a look at this deal and chime in with your thoughts?

I did ask about max MSD, but received a myriad of responses of $18-50 off per month, will ask next time.

Region: South Florida (33132)

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: Volvo XC90 T5 FWD Momentum
MSRP: $52405
Monthly Payment: $499w/tax
Due at Sign Amount: $3000 (dealer advised: 995 acquisition, 899 dealer fee, 495 doc fee, misc taxes)
Annual Mileage:10,000
MF : 00146
Residual: 60

Incentives: $1250 Costco, A-Plan 750, local lease cash 2250

Deal Calculator

Looks like 7.4% pre-incentive. Thats pretty low, especially with an $1400 in dealer profit, I mean dealer fees.

Note that a-plan usually ends up costing you money as it locks you in at a lower discount amount.

Hi, thanks for the guidance and bringing light on the fees. The dealer feels they’ve discounted the car 10%. The MSRP and discount and incentives combined is about 8400 ( dealer discount = 4150 and Incentives of 2250 dealer cash, 750 a-plan. and 1250 Costco)

Any feedback or thoughts on what I should target or is there a broker able to do a deal? Thanks!

Florida is definitely a much harder market to get good deals on. @AP919, any suggestions on specific Fl dealers to reach out to?


Sorry, signed in on the broker account. Honestly, Florida dealers suck. I have gotten some nasty responses, like, “let me know if you find a dealer down here willing to go to that price. I’ll get a second lease.”

I’ve been shopping either an XC60 or a V60CC for my parents, and I believe I’m closing on a deal in CT tomorrow. OP, if you want the dealer’s info, let me know. I’m shipping their car to Broward and probably my car from NY, since I’m still here and it’s rotting. It might be cheaper to ship 3 cars at once.

Let me clarify – no charge since I would just be giving you the contact information of the manager and hoping to make shipping cheaper on my end too by adding another car. :slight_smile:

Feel free to reach out!


There have been a lot worse from prior experience.

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Haha I’ve gotten the same line before


Hi that’s super generous of you, much appreciated - will direct message you to get more info!

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I must insist with the XC90 you get the T6. The T5 lacks power for such a heavy vehicle ( Have a T5 S90, which is hundreds of pounds lighter, for comparison), and the FWD will be annoying due to wheel spin, imo.