XC90 T5 AWD - 14% off MSRP - $640 w/tax - $0 out the door

Hi all,

Need some experienced eyes on this. Searched a lot and used what I’ve learned. Ready to pull the trigger today but just want a second opinion.

2018 Volvo XC90 T5 AWD

  • Convenience Package
  • Heated Steering and Front Seats
  • 20" Rims

39 months, 12k miles, $0 down, $0 signing, no MSD = $640 per month w/tax

MSRP: $54,490
Sale price: $47,025 with all incentives (14% below MSRP)
RV: .57
MF: .00157
Doc: $80
Acquisition: $995 (marked up $300 but won’t back down, argued into over discount)
Tax: 9.5%

I’m willing to throw about $2500 cash at it either through MSD’s or 1st month, acquisition etc. A lower payment is priority over long term savings but maybe a mix of both will work. What’s the best combo?


Assuming it’s a Momentum, I would look at 36 months which gives you a bump in residual factor (59%) @ the same MF. It’s another 10/month but it’ll lower your overall lease cost and puts you in a better position 3 years to negotiate at the end of the year.

Dropping 2,500 MSDs would only lower your payment by about 10/month.

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MSD all the way. You can’t beat those returns unless you’re playing with Bitcoin ha

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Actually the math works out better over the life of the lease when putting $2700 down and $2300 MSD vs 10 MSD’s and zero down. The lease overall ends up $50 cheaper at end with a lot lower payment to boot. Of course risking the $2,300 loss is I total the car but given the math on how unlikely that is, the risk is worth it.

Also, I hold BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, and EOS :slight_smile: