XC90 Quote check

The money factor is 0.00167
Residual 61%

Received the attached quote from a dealer. His numbers are my calculator dont match

what are your thoughts

You’re missing a few things bubba

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Thanks i see @Bostoncarconcierge can you beat this?


Whereabouts my friend?

Looks like Flori-duh to me with that doc fee and tax on the monthly. :wink:

I’d be about $70/Month cheaper

But would need to picked up or shipped from MA

What does edmunds say rv/mf/incentives should be?

I’m in Florida. I can fly in to negotiate the deal and eventually ship it.

What is the sipping cost eventually from MA to Florida ?

You could do it all remotely

Florida is usually $950-1150

Try @Bacons_C.C or @Benedetto as they have connections in FL

Christ I wish we got those residuals in CA…

RVs are national, so what stops you?


I’m not sure what you mean. Literally almost every zip code gives you a different RV.

I think you’re confusing residual with money factor most ZIP Codes have different money factors residuals are national

That or rv varying with trim levels rather than zip code.

The xc90 has something like 20 different trim levels by the time you factor in the different engines, seating configurations, etc

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Volvo’s RVs AND MFs are national. But like @mllcb42 said - they differ by trim, as most other brands.

Looking for some guidance on this as well. In Virginia, not seeing deals anywhere near this

Here are rough specs but realize missing some things;

-5,179 - discount
50,796 Discounted Price
799 Doc Fee
$2175.32 Tax
$1223.05 - non tax fee - i think this is delivery plus other items

Payments proposed at 15k miles a year

0 Down - 823
3k Down - 729
5k down - 668

This just doens’t seem to line up, but realize perhaps state specific could drive this.

using money factor of .00213, but then said brought down to .00194

Claiming not making any money whatsoever on this deal which i find hard to believe.

Any help or guidance out there.


As with any deal, you need to start by going to Edmunds to get rv/MF/incentives for this trim level in your zip code. I suspect you’ll find that they’re both marking up the mf and rolling incentives into the discount.

Their math doesnt add up i suggest working with more dealers around you or talk to a few brokers around here lol. $823

Shopping Volvo leases is somewhat frustrating because all the trims have different programs and incentives, and then it’s tough to compare deals on here due to the regional MF variance.

I know other manufacturers do the same, they just don’t have the myriad of options and variances as Volvo does.

MFs are national, I said it already a few posts above