XC90 Lease Questions - PA/MD/VA

I’m looking to lease a Volvo XC90 Momentum T6 before the end of the year. I’m located in the Philly area and, unfortunately, it looks like Volvo is only offering their current $3K lease incentive as far north as Maryland. Am I correct in thinking that if I’m willing to travel to MD to make the purchase the lease incentive will be available for me regardless of where I will title the car? I have some very rough numbers from Koons Volvo in Baltimore as follows

MSRP - $59,260
Purchase Price - $52,954
Lease payment around $675 including PA tax with no money down for additional cap cost reduction
We’ll definitely max MSDs which should bring that payment down to $628.

I feel like with the $3K incentive I should be able to do better on price since that’s only around 6% off before applying the incentive. Am I off base here? I feel like $50K-$51K should be the target which should yield a payment between $560-$590 after max MSDs.

What do you guys think? I’m originally from Virginia so traveling as far south as there is no problem to get the best deal. Thanks in advance for your help.

You are correct, but be careful with these guys.
PM me if you need a few contacts in MD/NoVa

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Thanks Ursus. I sent you a PM.