XC90 lease in So cal

Looking for XC90 T6 with advanced package in so cal area. Anyone know if March incentives are any better than last month?

Great timing:


Get into contact with @Benedetto

Thanks! Saw the post but was hoping the prices dropped a bit. Wanted to be sub 600 with advanced package and 1500 out of pocket :confused:

tried shopping various dealers, they know leasehackr is around. i think its worse to shop around, all it does is confuses me on who i’m speaking to and all it does is a bidding war at the end of the day. if a salesperson is true and honest i’d rather do that and pay a few bucks extra. they all have the same programs

Agreed. Just was trying to see if there are any new incentives this month :slight_smile:

Incentives are a bit better now but I don’t think you’re going to get an advanced below 600 - unless it’s a demo

I got an advanced in SoCal for 545 before tax with 10 MSDs, 62k MSRP, 36/10k. $7761.40 DAS includes $6500 MSDs. Under 600 might be possible.

What dealer?

Culver City, super easy deal, no upsells during signing, highly recommend them.

What was the selling price before any incentives? If you don’t mind.

53,422 was the sale price.