XC60 T6 Inscription

Dear Hackrs,

I am looking to possibly lease a Volvo XC60 $58 MSRP, Inscription T6. I am being quoted $570 with taxes in the payments and roughly $1.5K out of pocket, for 7.5K mies per year, 36 months.

This is under the 1% rule, sounds like a good deal?

I got something similar with an effective payment close to $515 or so per month so you can do better. Either work the discount down or try to lease from a region where incentives are aggressive right now (Mid-Atlantic offering $4k on T6 at the moment)

$515 sounds really good. I’m looking for the same, and everything has been high $500s unless it was a loaner. My goal has been $500 with tax and $1k DAS on a loaner with advance and Nappa, which stickers right around $60k. I’m not having any luck, though.

Can you post the breakdown of the lease? Sales price, incentives, etc.

$570 for a 36/7500 seems really high to me.

Yes. But are there any dealers/ brokers here who sell Volvo’s ?

I know Quentin is one but he isn’t responding.

I ask as it is difficult to judge where money could be found in your deal without more details.

The amount looks high to me at first glance. That could be due to a poor dealer discount or a marked up MF or it could be a great deal and the incentives in your market are bad. Breaking the numbers out helps to know where to target for an improvement.

Please rate my lease.

Volvo XC60 Inscription $58K MSRP
36 month / 7.5K per year
Location NYC
Total out of pocket $1,750 including 1st month payment
Monthly $575

Already signed, but looking for an honest feedback.

Look at the marketplace here and decide for yourself