X7 vs. ‘18 Panamera 4S - thoughts on two deals (calculators included)

2019 spectacularly loaded new X7 50i ( 7 mi) $116,825 MSRP @ 11.8% dealer discount + $3k rebates, RV 59% MF .00165


2018 impressive ‘demo’ Panamera 4S ( 920 mi on it) $126,420 MSRP @ 14.8% dealer discount + $7k rebates, RV 56% MF .00257

Both Calculators pasted below.

I could not find a place to add the $980 maintenance agreement from Porsche (which makes the RV 1% better) so I added it to Acquisition Fee, see picture after the calculator, but comes out about same as deal I was sent. If I did 36/10 the RV on both increase 1% (which seems to make sense…post-pay $0.25/mi instead of prepay $0.18 [X7] or $0.21 [4S], and roll the dice on mileage)… but I digress

Please share your thoughts and what you would do! Thank you kindly.

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X7 is $1,274/mo ($2,067 DAS)
4S is $1,348/mo ($5,887 DAS)

X7 local purchase tax is included in the monthly payment.

4S is out of state, and taxes pre-paid.

Better check the cost of insurance also. For a long time, the panamera was the most expensive car to insure in the US.

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As a Panamera owner, I would say go for the Panny, you will love it. Saw an X7 on the road the other day and threw up a little. Although the X7 interior is very nice.

What state are you in?

Not sure why you’re comparing the X7 to the Porsche, two completely different vehicles that serve different missions.

Pretty sure you just add the maintenance fee to the price and bump the residual the percent

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Seems like an amazing price on the X7. Care to share the dealer info?

I will ask the dealer if they are okay with it. I have worked with them for 15 years (real loyalty does matter) and don’t want to disclose unless they are okay. Will post final docs with redaction.

Same with state, but will say it is a SE US deal.

As far as them being completely different vehicles, absolutely correct. However we already have a beautifully-loaded 2019 Q7, and so the additional 7-person vehicle is not a requirement, but nice. The challenge with this particular Panamera is that it only seats four.

Eh, if I already had a Q7, I’d totally get the Panamera. What a nice prob to have. :slight_smile:

Reason for asking what state is because crazy lease deals on the West usually can’t be replicated here in the Northeast.