X7 facelift - more deals coming?

Now it makes sense why we see 2-3% off orders :slight_smile:

Wdyt? Mostly front and little interior changes.

While a minimal refresh, I think the big grill fits the current gen well given it’s size. Inside refresh with the new screen looks awesome.

why would this signify more deals are coming


When new 7 series got announced all of a sudden we saw influx of private transfer posts. Isn’t that intuitive?

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I would pay more for the current one. Those new headlights are awful.


All of the transfer posts that have been posted recently are MUCH less then what the going rate is on a new 7 series so that has nothing to do with the new body coming out…

Plus it will lease like absolute crap when it comes out. This discussion is pointless…


Killing flagship didn’t help 7er leases any. :cold_face:

That being said, I don’t know of any stores that have a surplus of X7’s so I wouldn’t expect discounts to go anywhere but down.


Exactly… AND bmw removed $4,000 in flagship money on the 7 series for the month of April. :man_facepalming:

A 740/750i is $120 more per month than it was in March.


Closer to $150 since they hiked the rate too.

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I’m allowed to say this :expressionless:, what’s with the squinty headlights BMW?

Not a fan, current one looks way better. I sure hope this isn’t something that spreads to other models. The awful grilles and these headlights are just too much.


TG are not fans either…that front is so ugly

I like the interior. That is all I can say.


I must agree on the interior.

This front end is previewing the new 7 series being revealed next week.

BMW X7 M60i is 530 horsepower and 553 lb-ft (750 Nm) of torque :heart_decoration:

I’m the SUV hater in the family, but if we would go down to one vehicle (replacing the ancient RX and the 750), this would be on my short list.

If the enhanced voice controls require a paid subscription at some point, though, they can keep it.

The new X7 looks nice.

BMW will be refreshing alot of their vehicles with this new updated interior . The 3er later this year and I’m sure other models too.

Deals? Doubt we’ll see anything like we did in 2019, but I’m sure previous generation cars might see an additional 1-2% off MSRP at best.

BMWs programs are simply in the shitter right now.

It looks like a linebacker with eye black on :joy:

The M branding across the dash trim tho… :man_facepalming: I get that it’s an M60i and it’s their marketing team in overdrive, but I’d personally question that design choice in the XM as well. Any bets on whether it’s part of the ambient lighting? :joy:

Also interesting to see the M mirrors and M steering wheel make it out onto the baby Ms (I’ve noticed the bottom silver portion typically only had the cutout on the full Ms earlier - maybe that changed recently due to parts issues or it’s just a different trim piece I’m reading too much into). The hex grilles above the vents and next to the speakers look revised (and nicer) too.

Kind of outrageous that monstrosities like these are still being updated and manufactured. There should be a huge environmental tax on these ridiculously massive SUVs on both the manufacturer and consumer.


The more fuel you burn the more federal and state gas tax (and sales tax in many places) you pay, and there is an existing law that adds a Gas Guzzler Tax when a vehicle doesn’t hit a required MPG threshold.

Do you still have the 2020 X2 M35i? How does/did its 23/30 compare to the current CAFE requirements? :slight_smile: