X5 Lease Transfer - Thoughts?

Hey Guys

Let me know your thoughts. Doing a lease assumption and wanted to know your take.

2015 BMW X5 Xdrive50i
MSRP: $83K

Months Left: 18
Current Payment Including Tax: $888
Incentive: $2,000
Miles Per Month: 1200

with the incentive brings my monthly payment: $774 (Including Tax)

Thoughts? Good Deal or Bad?

Seems a little high for a used vehicle, you might be able to do as good if not better on a new 2016 or 2017.

The 2015/2016 and 2017 are all F15’s so the year is trivial. A new X5 is probably coming out within the next 12-18 months too, so better to be in the short lease if you want to keep something new.

I personally like takeovers because of the short time frame, in this case you’ll also be able to miss out on paying 6 months of DMV registration.

If you’re all in at $774 with tax, the best you could probably consider doing is MAX $100 maybe $200 cheaper on a car like this. That’s $1800 or $3600 over the term of the lease.

If you like the x5 50i go for it (I had a 550i, but went to a 40e, and would not consider a 50i because I couldn’t deal with the terrible gas mileage). Only thing you have to look out for is getting hosed on the turn in.