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Hey guys, after doing some shopping, I was able to secure this deal on a 2021 X3M competition. Seems pretty fair given what’s out there.

In your experiences, would it be wise to pull the trigger, or should I wait for the LCI?

36 months, 10k, $933/mo. First payment DAS

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This seems like a fair deal; good discount and base MF. What does the $599 dealer fee entail? What do you think of the X3M? What are the specs? Congratulations.

I haven’t pulled the trigger just yet. I was about to and then I started seeing news of the LCI coming out soon, which gave me some pause.

Deal looks good.

Personal decision as to whether you want a '21 now, or to wait until possibly the fall or winter to grab a '22 LCI. And as is usually the case with LCI’s the deals will be limited in the first month or two, so keep that in mind.

And $599 is the doc fee. Nothing you can do about that other than go to a different dealer/state with lower doc fees or try and push for more discount.

Have you compared against the marketplace and lease transfers?

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That’s a really good deal. About right on par with what I have been seeing from some of the brokers. Nice job.

I’d do this. Incentives were really strong at one point.

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Third this… check lease transfers first. Could save you thousands.

Otherwise, this is a solid deal right now

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I’m waaay too ocd for a lease transfer / used car. I appreciate the insight though! :slight_smile:

Conventional wisdom/chatter is that the LCI is not going to drive huge updates - seldom do they other than cosmetic changes to the front fascia and rear. The X3 facelift render shows some minor grill changes.

What version of iDrive does the current X3M have? 7?

It’s like a half version behind the latest. Most of the features but not all—no remote start, no OTA updates, etc.

That said, it does have Android Auto and CarPlay integration into HUD and digital cluster.

Makes the decision tougher :slight_smile: For me, if I got a great deal on a 2021, I would get it (without the LCI).

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