X3 orders all coming with LED headlights

Something very interesting I found.

All of my recent X3 orders came with the 7k Executive package LED headlights, not sure if other customers/brokers have seen the same

Despite all being ordered with these

Could signify shortages/problems ahead for BMW.


I’m guessing they had to slap in whatever they had on hand; kind of like those 3 series that got the M Sport steering wheel for a while. At least it’s an upgrade and not a downgrade!


Lucky for them because the base LEDs are complete garbage

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I wonder if this has to do with their plan to sell subscriptions for optioned items? The only way to do this would be to install the hardware at manufacturing.

This is exactly what I though is going to happen when all the retards were celebrating Tesla OTA model with the first indications of everything going haywire was Tesla removing FSD from resale cars. Although the real problem probably traces back to smart phones and Apple’s constant attack on right of repair. Since people couldn’t see past their noses and realize that broad implications of this, now we’ll have subscription to heated seats. Why doesn’t anyone understand that OTA can be used to take away just as well as give? Are people truly that technologically stupid?

From what I remember BMW tried this stunt with Apple CarPlay a while back and was pushed back, but clearly this is the future, although I would be curious to see how this would work in places with stronger consumer protections than US.

I can see how you could do that with electronic aids like the drive assistance or adaptive suspension, but the headlights? Don’t pay the subscription fee and they don’t turn on?

Those headlights swivel at speed and I believe are automatic as well. I am guessing both of those features can be turned on or off.

It is probably a parts shortage since I don’t foresee BMW just randomly making a mid-year model change for a subscription service.

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Perhaps they’re simply overstocked.

I can’t be the only person who wouldn’t pay an extra nickel for different headlights.

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One of the option boxes I will always check. High quality headlights make a world of difference for night driving. Hopefully one of these days, the US DOT can get out of its own way so that we can get the fully functioning matrix led/lasers instead of the dumbed down low/hi only ones.


I assume for them, the LED headlights are not an uber expensive upgrade, vs having an incomplete unit that needs to be put on a sales hold for delayed parts.

Congrats to the owners

I wouldn’t pay for different looking headlights, but I’m sure as hell will and did just pay for upgraded functionality in headlights. The night time driving difference with shit vs good headlights is everything.

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IIHS rates the headlights with the executive package as Good, while the standard headlights are rated marginal. So if you can choose to pay only for the headlights and not the entire $7 grand executive package, the subscription method might be a good deal. IIHS no longer rates the X3 as a top safety pick due to the low rating for the standard headlights.

When I had an Audi, I read on Audi chat boards that there were features built into the car that you could turn on yourself if you had the right tools and knew how to code.

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Imagine having a subscription on headlights… what are they going to do, turn them off? LMAO

From what I’m reading about X3 it has all the headlight features of the EU model, but they are disabled in software. So if you can find someone with dealer tool you can get full adaptive feature going. The actual dealers won’t turn it on for you obiously

I did this on my S5. I long-coded the auto high-beams (never used it) and the active lane assist for long road trips.

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Similar with rear fog lights if Im not mistaken?

If you add up the number of times I’ve been impressed with a car’s headlights and the number of times I’ve been disappointed by them, you’ll get zero.

BMW neuters their headlights in the US, due to burdensome governmental regulation.

EU gets the fantastic anti-dazzle laser hi beams.


The functionality I need from a headlight is:

  1. On
  2. Off


You either never had good headlights or drive only where there is sufficient lighting