X3 m40i vs X3M/X3MC - early lease exit


I’m planning to lease an X3 m40i or X3M/X3M Competition, and it is very likely that I will need to get out of the lease early. I took both cars on brief test drives, and think that I would be very happy with either.

Here is the m40i deal

The X3M deal would be something like this.

I will not be doing MSDs as I’m assuming that will make it harder/less desirable to transfer later on.

2 questions:

  • Are these good deals?
  • Do you think either of these would be significantly easier to unload mid-lease, or is there not much of a difference?

Both good deals. You sure you don’t want to roll in those up front costs if you know you’re gonna transfer it?

I’m a bit new to this so haven’t considered that. Thanks for pointing that out - seems like it might make sense here.

You could also look to takeover a shorter term lease

Yes try and get a shorter term lease if you are sure you will need to get out of either lease early.
Just some info. Bought my wife the X3 M 40i and it’s a GREAT daily drive. 5 months later (less than 2 months ago) bought the X3M for myself. (Non competition).
Just a blast to drive but suspension much stiffer than the M40i. For a daily drive I’d suggest the M40i but for pure fun and excitement the X3M.
Also I did buy my X3M and got just over 20% off mrsp. This included all rebates but still an excellent deal IMHO.
Happy driving