X3 Loaner lease - S FL - Advice needed



Trying to get a 24/12 lease, it looks to be $577 including taxes for that term, waiting on the calculation to get a better idea.

What do you guys think of the 36/12 pricing worksheet (24m to follow)

Any incentives baked into that price? Well at least they are honest about the markup on the mf. Looks like $2100 DAS, oh wait they are using incentives for drive offs so looks like first only at signing, sheet shows $523/mo with tax

So you need to figure out the discount before incentives and whatever the incentives are. I think the only thing that will change in 24mo is the residual, 6 pts higher

Yes I had them roll everything into the monthly. Spot on with the residual 6 pts higher for the base one. Was hoping on some strong incentives similar to X1,X2 to get some great deals on 24 months, but its quite a bit higher

24mo is cheaper with large discounts, like 20%+

2018 or 2019?

2018 model

Definitely seems to be too high of a monthly payment for an outgoing model year demo.

Lowest I got them to now was $525 inclding tax for 24/12k