X3 Deal Thoughts?

2022 BMW X30i XDRIVE
MSRP: $52,650
Selling Price: $49754.25
Gov Fees: $66
Dealer Fees: $0
Aquisition Fees: $895
Accessories: $0
Net Cap Value: $50,715.25

Lease Plan: 36mo/7,500 miles
Down Payment: $0
Residual Value: 57%
Incentives/Offers: $750 Loyalty

It looks like they double counted the rebate under the price reduction, but in this market 5% seems solid. Open to feedback as its not final! I did agree to markup a .00143 money factor.

Payment: $751/mo (with tax)

how much to buy it

Didn’t go down that path.

worth taking a look

IMO I would buy it and made out to about the same payment or less without restriction.

The additional $750 might be Lease Cash available on xDrive30i 4dr SUV AWD

It was loyalty on a lease.

I believe there is one for Loyalty as a BMW owner. And, another for Leasing.

BMW lease programs are terrible. Why do people still bother?

if you buy, do you have to take in to account sales tax on full purchase amount, vs sale tax on cap cost amount? Isnt that a material difference that might hurt equity if you wanted to try to flip the car?

Sorry-- trying to understand the logic in this approach. It seems to be gaining traction as a way around 3rd party buyout restrictions…

Yes sales tax on the full purchase price should be considered and a ownership cost should also be contemplated lease vs. buy. From OP, i don’t think his intention were to flip this X3. BMW doesn’t allow 3rd party buyout anymore so trying to flip BMW is not worth the trouble, IMO. BMW lease offering is horrible in this current market. Financing option would be more beneficial with lower interest rate (1.9%?), less restriction, and if needed to sell/trade in a few years no issue. One drawback is that buyer take on all the risk of tanking RV. Too bad PenFed BMW program is no longer, but OP should check for retail purchase credit, loyalty, OL, 1.9% rate, and the 5% off msrp might just be a good buy in this market if fixated on BMW.

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Need some help from the group here:
Ive only leased cars (at least 13 over the last 10 years). Ive never considered a purchase but I am at a crossroads. I posted my Lease numbers above. If I purchase the car, there is a 1000 outside lending rebate and I can obtain a 72 month loan at 2.39%. That makes a monthly loan payment 790 all in vs 750 for a lease. I am not sure of the risks of owning, as I would never keep a car more than 3 years. Any help is appreciated.

Provided no dealer adds the deal gets the seal of approval from me for the current market.

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$750+ for what used to be easily a sub-$500 lease and maybe sub-$400 is a non-starter for me.

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So is a $400 grocery bill when it used to be $2-250. :man_shrugging:


Gotta eat. Don’t have to get a bmw

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Ive also made more money on lease trade-ins than I ever have before. It all comes out even, if not a bit ahead in my case.

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Most of my folks trading have done better in this market with minimal discount against their trade value than with high discount and poor trade values.

Guess it depends on your tolerance for a higher payment on paper…not that the programs haven’t gotten markedly worse.

The money you made on trade-ins is money you’ve already “earned”.

You don’t have to give all, some or even any of it back.

Does the bank give you different notes if you withdraw trade-in equity vs paycheck vs home sale proceeds vs onlyfans earnings?