X3 deal in the work


Working on a deal with a BMW dealer about 300 miles away.

Its a brand new 2020 X30 s30i configured almost exactly like I would want, except interior color is black instead of mocha. They say they are pricing at invoice ($50,050), msrp is $53,120. Seems like some people are getting higher percent off (Albeit in the NE or Cali). This is Texas. Seems like still high. I tried for $48k but said it was well below invoice… they would also deliver the car to me.

Have a local deal (may be gone after today) for 2 different 2019 m40is. One is discounted 15% with 2800 miles (not right color or seats) other is about 80 miles away being discounted from $63.5k down to $52k with color and seats and 6000 miles on odo.


So what would you like to know? You’re always going to have to pay more for the one you want, widen your search or pay up