X1 xDrive loaner lease with 4500 miles - $410/pm - what should I negotiate?

It’s at a 15% discount. And I’m telling them that I’d like to get it at 20% at least. What else should I negotiate?

MSRP: 42345
Residual: 59%
MF: .00168
Term: 36
Selling: 35,990
Rebates: 2250
Drive off: 4250
Payment: 410.45

Money factor?

That’s an 8.5% dealer discount and the money factor is marked up to the max.


Yeah, I felt it was quite high. Any recommendation on how to bring it down?

$4250 in drive off? that’s a of money to be putting down.

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I agree with everyone here. The folks here are very hard on their numbers and aren’t budging. I might have to take my time and find the best deals. I’m now looking at mini cooper countryman as well.

What dealer did you go to?

On the same msrp after a couple emails I got one of the dealers down to 34k and buy rate mf.

With 0 drive offs and $2450 msd on 36/12k which is $306+ tax a month. I’m still going back and forth as I want squeeze out another $1k off the selling price.

Also, in NorCal.

I went to concord and Bmw weatherford.

Ha, I’m also dealing with Weatherford. Are you looking at the black on beige or white/black?

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I was looking at the black on beige and one of the grey w/ black interior

Let me know if you close them. would love to see your deal.

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Bigger dealer discount and base MF.