WRX, STI Leases?

In New York, looking to see how a 15k lease is on a WRX or STI and which is the better option. Anyone have RV, MF?

MF and RV vary quite a bit between trim levels and selected trans. Base WRX and STi are decent leases if you can get the dealer to come down below invoice but that’s typically a tall ask for that brand.

From Edmunds: https://forums.edmunds.com/discussion/40779/subaru/wrx/2017-subaru-wrx-lease-questions/p11

Base WRX: .00115 MF and 66% residual
Premium WRX: .00095 and 62%
Limited WRX: .00080 and 60%
Base STI: .00110 and 66%
Limited STI: .00095 and 62%

Subtract 1% for 12K/yr

It may be the case for WRX/STI, but I always paid under invoice on Forester. Last time - $1.5K for a 2016. Depends on location also.

Here is about $1K under invoice without even getting their “best price”: