Wrecked Lexus es350 2019

My father collided his Lexus with some pretty heavy damage, we weren’t sure if it was totaled but body shop says it’s repairable. They say that they will use Lexus parts. Is there anything else he should be concerned with? This lease expires in a year.

The insurance company will decide if it is repairable or totaled, not the body shop. Use a shop that is approved by the leasing company. Make sure if repairs are warranted by the shop in case they do not pass the final lease inspection. Many leased cars are repaired and returned back at the end of the lease.

The insurance company( USAA) sent the car to this body shop. You are saying that he should ask Lexus if the body shop is approved?

Usually if the body shop is approved by the insurance company the repairs will come with a warranty. You can find this out from USAA (probably online). If that is the case you should be good to go.

Thanks for the info.

Just find a reputable body shop in your area. It doesn’t need to be “approved by your leasing company” that is nonsense.


I believe if the car is over a year old, OEM parts are not required to fix the vehicle. My Dad’s RX350 got hit and it was just few months over the one year mark and aftermarket parts were used for the repair by a Geico affiliated body shop.

why not get the check from the insurance company and then take the car to whoever you want?

Usually the approved Repair center will charge up to insurance company payout.

There is no guarantee that the ‘check’ the insurance company pays will cover it at a 3rd party shop.

if it’s not sufficient funds you can go back to the insurance company and ask for more.

I personally dont let the insurance company dictate where my car gets fixed so that’s how I’ve done it in the past

Perfect example of why to lease a car, diminished value isn’t your problem

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