Wrangler Sport Unlimited. Can you check my deal before signing?

Dear hackrs,
I got counter deal for wrangler sport unlimited, but still curious for good deal.
5800 down with 269 per months, MSRP 36000, 10k and 60 months lease. Is this good deal?
Anyone can teach me what I have to see?
Attached deal for detail

60 months is a long lease imo but I always do 36 months so…
The money factor rate is really high and with that $5800 down payment is technically $386 per month.
So in total you would be paying $23160 over the 60 months… so if you bought this car at the end of your lease, you would need to pay that $26000 residual value. AKA you would have paid far over MSRP for this vehicle…
like 10 grand over the msrp. (If I am doing my math correctly)

I’d aim to get a lower money factor and go with $0 down.

The residual value seems very high to me considering when you are done there would likely be 50,000 miles on the vehicle, but maybe Jeep wranglers don’t depreciate very much?

Regardless I dont think you should ever put $5800 down on a lease even if it reduces your monthly payment. You should put that cash in your bank and use it to pay off the actual lease instead of giving it to the dealer.

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They are essentially giving you their advertised “special”. These are generally not in the best interest of the customer. I would verify the money factor and residual value for this vehicle in your area by using the Rate Finder in this website or Edmunds.

You’re essentially paying $23,249 for a lease with an MSRP of $36,155.


Why not finance with that amount down. 60 months is a long time when thinking about maintenance.

60 month lease = NO
9.23% apr = NO

Look for a broker in #marketplace to help you.


Bill Hader Reaction GIF by Saturday Night Live

Seriously though… RUN AWAY


Glad that you asked first but equally scary how little research you’ve done.

How are you even considering this “deal”? It qualifies for the worst we’ve seen in a while.


Hemet CJDR? Run, those guys are shady. Run and go pay that kind of price on a Honda.

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Didn’t even notice… that price then doesn’t include thousands of other taxes/fees.

All the Hemet dealers also love to show a big discount and then tack on thousands of dollars in mandatory add ons not included in their advertised prices.

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Well Hemet is in the middle of Nowhere so when you get there after driving 1+ hours, you are so tired you sign ANYTHING.

I did have success once using one of their advertised discounts to get a different dealer to price match… only they didn’t add in all the backend stuff the Hemet dealer hides.

Well that isn’t going to work in today’s market, lol
Here’s a sample of a Hemet CJDR ‘special’. Wow 8,000 dollar off, but when you dig a little deeper, 205 days on market. Really a 21k AWD 205 days on market? That is a clue you will get shafted there.


Probably one of the worst stealers/dealers in SoCal.

Thank you for all your answer
Then, Is a good deal to purchase $33408 for wrangler sports by cash?
Do I have to find another dealer to purchase even though the offer saving 2.7 from MSRP?

They won’t sell it to you for that price cash

They are not selling this or leasing this for $33408. I guarantee you there are thousands of dollars in add ons not being shown on that advertisement.