Wrangler Sahara 4XE Ordered - $319 / mo - PA


Final purchase price needs to be under 50K. That’s MSRP minus all discounts and incentives.

Is that the purchase price after incentives?

Edit, just saw the question answered. Under 50 K is pretty easy on one of these things.

After discounts and incentives…

I will have to edit my comment then to be that New Hampshire could be the mecca :slight_smile: No sales tax and incentives are untaxed, and average registration fees are low.:heavy_check_mark:

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Reg in NH is extremely high!

How high is high? Is it the excise tax and the actual registration is low?

According to Eunds the average registration costs in New Hampshire are $60, it appears they may be slightly off if our boots on the ground in the area report otherwise :slight_smile:

And the $250 bonus drive on top of that!

Add VA: incentives are untaxed and low registration.

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I wouldn’t post the dealer name in the forum as it tends to get a lot of tire kickers and ruins the deal for legitimate buyers.

I think I know the dealership in PA. I’ll pm you to confirm and reach out to them.

As a point of reference, I just was just in a NJ dealer, best I could do was 1% under inv with affiliates on a Rubi 4xe. 500 over invoice without. However, the MF was marked up so that left a sore taste, or I would have pulled the trigger just to be done with it.

These things are coming in comfortably under 6 weeks according to the dealership.

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Sadly yes😔

I asked the salesman beforehand to make sure he was cool with it

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Also, pm me the dealer you think it is because I would have never guessed this to be the dealer I got a good deal from lol

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Nice, glad to see a good local deal.


i’m really glad these are leasing pretty well - more people that dip their toe into PHEV life the better I think, especially given how most people will use it on a day to day basis. Jeep is definitely the license to print money for Stellantis right now.


I agree. The next vehicle I actually purchase will be the full electric wranger

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I dont think CT dealers want to play.

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Quick update:. This PA dealer doesn’t do out of state leases. PA only.

Thanks again. Enjoy your Jeep when it comes in!


I wish it was ~$60… It depends on the vehicle weight, model year, and msrp. My 2018 grand cherokee high altitude was $527 for this year. If I had been registering a 2020 it would have cost me $901. Here’s a calculator https://www.eb2gov.com/EB2Gov.dll/EReg/GetQuote?TownCode=646&SID

Hi there - I’m in Western Pennsylvania and would love the dealer name and salesman’s please and thanks in advance!

Yeah…Edmunds is clearly wrong on this----Unless the costs in NH that are excessive are technically not registration (but perhaps excise taxes)? In any case, to the consumer, whether its a registration cost or a tax…whats the difference? :slight_smile:


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