Wrangler Rubicon X 4xe: Signed but can back out

Undocumented words are meaningless as a lot is said but not written down/signed to…it is the signed paper/terms that matter methinks. :slight_smile:

And, like I said previously, they may look at how much $$$ they are making off this deal and not want to lose it so just say ‘come on down we don’t need anything else’…

Good point but the words they told me were backing up the request from the finance dept

Oral contracts and oral modifications to contracts are enforced all time.

Dealers do not routinely chase down contracts that are not fully performed when there has been no delivery of the vehicle off the lot and into the “buyer’s” possession.

See above.

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Sure but if words are ‘disputed’ on both sides that tends to fall apart and the written contract prevails.

I would tend to agree…hence why I said best for OP to phone/not step foot on that lot again. Haha

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Agreed. I think this will be a simple email. I’m currently unable to provide financials. Apologies but please cancel the contract.


Think twice about buying out a 4xe…the resale on them is not like a regular Wrangler…i.e. their value drops like a rock. I’d wait until lease end before considering buying the lease. That way you can compare the buyout price vs it’s actual value. If you buy it out after 3 months and the resale takes a big $hit…that’s your money gone. Also, look into the sales tax implications of buying out your lease after 3 months vs waiting until lease maturity.

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I’m not really all that convinced by this. I think the problem is people are comparing the used value against the MSRP, ignoring the fact that you’re taking $15-20k off the msrp between discounts and incentives.

Used pricing on the gas wranglers really aren’t much better if you’re looking at depreciation against price paid rather than against MSRP.

I also would shy away from waiting until the end of the lease to buy one of these. If you’re going to buy it, with a .0033+ MF, you really want to convert that rent charge to something more productive sooner than later.

As for sales tax, this is CA. Things are in your favor to buy out sooner there too so you don’t get stuck paying sales tax on the $12k in rent charge over the life of the lease.

This really is better to either buy out immediately or keep as a lease and turn in at the end (which is probably the right play)

I continue to hear this but can’t seem to find evidence for it. I’ll look into it more but here is a snippet from Google ai:

“According to Kelley Blue Book, the 2024 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon X 4xe has an outstanding resale value. Auto experts also expect the 2024 Jeep Wrangler 4xe to hold its value well over the years because Jeep vehicles, especially the Wrangler, are known for their durability and resilience. The Jeep Wrangler is also one of the top performers for maintaining its value at the 5-year and 7-year mark.”

I also did a search for 3 year old Rubicons in San Diego with around 30k miles and they average about 44k. Not saying they sell for that amount but list price.

@JTsocal13. When I got my leased car from out-of-state, I could not buy it out until I received my registration tags and plates. The dealership took their sweet time (3 months) to get the registration done. This is usually the case because the dealership do not want you to buyout the lease immediately. Just make sure you can buy it out on a temporary CA tags.

Between my Rubicon 392 and Rubicon 4xe (not the X). I enjoyed my 4xe more simply because my commute was short and I could just do it in all electric. The gas prices in California are high too. Instant torque on a 4xe is enjoyable.

Given the high winds in SoCal, I would recommend getting a hard top. Still, be careful on the highways, these things are not aerodynamic and they get pretty loud on the highways. One of the main reason I sold the lease to a third party.

I would rather lease then buy one of these.

Compare that to a non 4xe Rubicon of similar age and milage. I’d be willing to bet it held more of its original MSRP vs the 4xe. I’m not hating on the 4xe. I had one and liked it. But why take the chance with resale when you have to option to wait it out for 3 years, then decide if it’s a good idea to keep the vehicle long term. If you buy out the lease right away, you lose that option of seeing how values hold up. It’s all yours then. You’re taking 100% of the risk of where PHEV values go.

Just looked. Maybe it’s a San Diego thing. The prices are about the same, ranging between 40k and 48k depending on mileage 40k down to 20k respectively. My guess is San Diego has a higher demand for 4xe’s due to gas prices, etc.

Just spoke to a broker for this area and he says he’s not bothering with selling 4xe’s, only High Altitudes due to the demand for 4xe’s being so high the dealers don’t have to discount as much.

Did you send the cancel email or make the call yet?

No, haven’t received contact from them and contacting brokers to see availability. Biding time. So far, as stated above, one prominent broker said he’s not selling 4xe’s so now checking with others.

Who cares about the original msrp though?

Id be much more concerned about comparing resale vs actual price paid than a fictional number that has no bearing on anything.


So ship one in from somewhere else in the country

Looking. Contacted Clutch. Looking for others

I feel I need a broker for leasing a 4xe…Could brokers who are willing to help pm me? Appreciate it!