Wrangler Rubicon under $500, is it possible?

Hey everyone, I’m wondering if it’s possible to get a deal for a Wrangler Rubicon (lease) 4xe or V6 for $500-$550 in Texas. I don’t mind picking it up from out of state. Has anyone been able to find something closer to this recently?

Not sure of TX taxes, but without going crazy on options should definitely be doable on a 4xe rubicon.

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yeah @AutoCompanion is low 300s for a base Rubi. Probably more in Texas but under $500

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When you put together a target deal on this, how much discount is required to hit $500/mo on a rubicon 4xe for your situation?

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In my area, most dealers are asking for a price range of $700 to $800 for a 36-month lease with a 12k-mile annual limit. These leases do not include any special options and are mostly for basic models. In order for me to bring the monthly payment down to $350 or more, I would need a discount of around $8k after factoring in all rebates and incentives.

I will give them a try. I noticed they are advertising similar prices to what I am looking for, but I wasn’t sure if anyone was able to get the deals that they are listing in the spreadsheet.

Who cares what the dealers there are asking?

What % discount is required to hit $500/mo for your situation?

At least 20% discount.

Youre not going to get 20% from anyone, including Autocompanion (nor is anyone advertising that they’re doing 20%)

So, for the deals that Autocompanion has on its spreadsheet, what is the discount amount (in your opinion)?

He lists the discount in his spreadsheet…

Okay so you got me wrong, here is the deal I was offered (one of many):

MSRP: $66,000
Selling price: $49,800
Rebate: $13,500
MF: 12% (before credit check)

With these numbers, the monthly payment came out to $780.

Now, in order for me to get a lower price of $500, I probably need a bigger discount. Is that what you meant?

Those numbers dont add up at all.

That looks more like a $63300 selling price and youre trying to double count the incentives and discount.

What im suggestion you do is put together a target deal by filling out the calculator with all the proper information for your situation, and then backing out how much discount is required to get you to the price youre after. From there, you can compare discounts to establish if its remotely possible.

The deal a local dealer offered you has no bearing on that process.


I see what you’re saying. I definitely have some more work to do. Thank you for the advice!

If you’re having trouble with the calculator, post your attempt so we can double check it.

I don’t have troubles with the calculator I think the MF I was giving is high. All I see is MF for 12% and higher.

Buy rate on a rubicon for sfs 36 months is .00338

I will keep it in mind while searching for my deal, thank you!

Money factor typically isn’t conveyed as a % … are you getting 12% by converting the money factor given to you by to dealer to its % equivalent?

Yes by converting it to percentage it comes out as 12% which is .00514