Wrangler 4xe parking sensor issue


I leased 2022 Wrangler 4xe Rubicon about a month ago.
Since day 1, whenever I revere, rear sensor gives false warning with nothing behind. I went to Jeep service, they tried to find the problem for about a week, but nothing worked. They updated and replaced module, adjusted bumper and spare tire.
Anybody having same issue?

You can disable it, for a quick fix. I had totally forgotten I even had Park Assist until the wife accidentally pushed the button the other day. Annoying racket in the cab drives me nutso.

Yeah it is really annoying! I think I have to diable it too.

If you feel like laying on the ground and reaching up there, disconnect the sensor and spray some compressed air on both sides and perhaps a little lithium grease on the receiving end may solve the problem. It’s more of a throw $10 at the problem and see if it helps type suggestion.

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