Would you consider a cheaper (GM employee discounted) Bolt over a base spec Model 3 RWD?

That’s probably just a stop loss pricing.

From time to time dealers don’t want to face the reality that their car may be overpriced. Let them negotiate with themselves.

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Sure but it helps tease out the negotiation room and their worst-case if they have to dump it, right?

Used Tesla inventory within 150 miles of metro Detroit isn’t great. I’m already skittish about buying used (for the first time in 10+ years), so I’d want to examine and drive first, which limits my orbit. This one seemingly overpriced used example just happened to be a stone’s throw from our home.

Yes but if you’re offering them that number, why would they even deal with you?

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Don’t buy a used car in such an inflated market for used cars.

A Model Y is not a particularly comfortable car for what it is (family hauling crossover). A Ford MME is more comfortable for example. A Performance Y is going to be worse with the lower profile tires and differences in suspension, etc.

You should probably look for a Bolt EUV or the EVs priced in the ballpark of a 3 RWD such as the MME, ID4, etc

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Nothing comes close to the lease deal of a RWD Model 3 especially if you live in NJ with the $4,000 Charge Up Point Of Sale Discount. I just pulled the trigger on one.

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Model Y is the quintessential crossover that has the most demand in Tesla’s lineup by far, you’re going to have to look at a higher mileage or older Y to match a new base Model 3’s price.

And a Y Performance is incredibly stiff and uncomfortable, even more so than a Model 3.

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I drove the long range Y with the upgraded wheels and I thought it drove surprisingly well. I just prefer the upgraded or Performance wheels. I can’t stand the Y’s base wheels, so that’s how I stumbled upon the random local used Y Perf. Ideally, I’d want a used LR Y with the upgraded wheels, but slim pickings nearby.

I thought used prices had cooled down a lot, but I guess not, unless you live in California. So likely sticking with new Model 3, which I’ve put a deposit on.

I’d pay some premium for the used Y, I just thought there’d be more savings on used verse the new Y after rebate. Might as well buy new 2023 with new everything and a full warranty than these unjustifiable used prices on 2020 three year old cars with not much if any full warranty left, plus who knows about tires and other wear items.

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