Would someone please help me with evaluation of this deal?

Audi s3, MSRP 49300, Sale Price 43576, RV 57%, 36/10, MF .00095, 2500 drive offs, 469 month plus tax. Valid for 48 hours.
Los Angeles area. Willing to put max msd.
What should I ask for? Where is the catch?:slight_smile:
Tnx! First post.

The “catch” is the 48 hours part … unless they are reserving a specific car for you …

I’m ok with that. But totally new to lease, so what kind of pitfalls should I look for?tnx

What are the drive offs made up of. Seems high.
Is this a 2017 model?

Yes, it is. Not sure about drive off, guess taxes and license,fees. But not sure

Looks to me like there is some cap cost reduction in there. Get a full breakdown.

K, will text that guy now.

Ideally, get the 6 things listed here. You already have the 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6 so shouldn’t be too hard to get the breakdown … good job on your first post!

Because the Drive off should be about $1800 including first month and acquisition fee.

Adding in MSD’s only does this

Just got text back. Drive off- first payment, acquisition fee, DMV fee, doc fee, etc.( Wonder what is there…) And it’s 2017 model

But what does each one of those cost. They have got some cap cost reduction in there or have marked up the fees quite a bit. You should try and get the monthly below $500 so the MSD’s cost less.

So, i should try to get above? Waiting for his reply about fees breakdown

K, unfortunately I have to go get some sleep, i work nights. Last question,for now. Max and? How much will they shave off mf?

Msd, sorry:) autocorrect

And that guy said security deposit will not change MF at Audi. He said it does something else,but it is so trivial no one ever does it… He’s words

If you look at the images I posted it shows how much it takes off.

Got it. So, max is 10 MSD… And it shaved off quite a bit:) tnx
Well, thank you for advice, i will check back with whatever he has later, my pillow is calling. Thank you all, ladies and gentlemen

It’s a great first post and most elements of a good deal are there. So a little tweaking with msd and challenging the 2.5k fee (too high) should get you where you want.